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Tuesday, October 18, 2011



16 bowls of milk
1 full bowl of boil rice
5 cardamoms
10 almonds
7 pistachio
sugar according to ur taste

add 16 bolws of milk into the pan and boil it, when the boil comes add 1 bowl of boil rice which are compeletely soft or we say pappa chawal ( make rice soft as much u can) . add some ilachi( cardamom)
stir the spoon ofently other wise milk will get burn from the bottom. when u see the milk is getting thick then add sugar according to ur taste. when u see that keer is almost doen then add 1 bowl of milk again into ur kheer, it will give u amazing tatse and if u feel then add a little sugar again.
to see if u need to add more sugar or not, put some kheer into a seprate bowl and make it cool for a while and then taste it, if u see its fine then u dont need to add sugar but if u feel that its need more sugar then add some.
add some boil almonds and pistachio into the kheer

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