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Friday, September 23, 2011

Chicken patties

Puff pastry pack
Shredded chicken 2 cup
Black paper ½ teaspoon
Chinese salt ½ teaspoon& salt to taste
Chopped onion ½ cup
Oil 4 tablespoon
Egg wash

1.Heat up oil sauté chopped onion add chicken shredded salt Chinese salt and black paper. let it cool. Preheat oven 375
2.Defrost the puff pastry dough. cut the sheet length wise first in 3 pieces then make three square by cutting. U can make 9 squares of one sheet.
3.fill them and make a triangle shape first join one corner to other then press the all sides with fork to close properly. Spay some butter on baking sheet or aluminum foil paper and place all patties on a distance coat with egg wash and bake them about 20 to 25 .

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