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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Khoya Kulfi

 1 ltr milk (no low fat)
250ml double cream(thick whipped one)
150grm khoya(from 1 ltr milk)
6-8 tblsp sugar more to taste
3-4 tsp kewra
100 grm fine grinded Almond with skin
3 whote bread slices
2tsp cardamon powder
2 tsp cornflour
60 grm butter

1ltr milk for khoya extra
3-4tsp lemon juice
3-4tsp sugar

-bring milk to boil,squeeze in 3-4 tsp lemon
-as the milk turns in chunks,drain out the water
-pour on cold water and drain it out again
-mix in 3-4 tsp sugar in the chunks and dry all slightly

-mix all the above given ingredients+khoya; accept the bread and cornflour
-bring to boil, lower the heat and cook around 20 minutes
-keep stirring so it does not burn
-as it forms a thick consistency,add in the cornflour slowly and mix
-take it off and let it cool down totally
-now add the shredded bread pieces and blend
-you can use an electrical hand mixer ( I used this)
-pour out in Kulfi moulds if u have them
-I dint have them so I used the small cups
-made halves of shaslik sticks, and as the kulfi was a bit frozen then I tucked them in J
-dropped few drops of Ruh Afza on the sides so they froze with the kulfi

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