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Sunday, September 18, 2011


pizza dough:
2 cups flour
1 yeast sachet
1 egg
1 tsp suger
1tsp salt
2/3 tbs vegetable oil
warm milk 1/3 cup

preparation of dough:
mix yeast in warm milk set aside for 15 mins..than mix yeast mixture,egg, salt, suger, oil in 2 cup flour, knead well..set it overnight or 5-6 hrs in warm place..

chicken tikka topping:
chicken boneless, skinless: small cubes
i put shan tikka masala :P...u can also made ur own topping of anything
ginger/garlic paste,
yougurt 2 tbs
lemon juice
black olives: sliced
green bell pepper: cubes
onion: cubes
pizza sauce or any italian pasta sauce will work too :)
chedder cheese,
mozzarella cheese

mix yougurt, g/g paste, lemon juice and tikka masala in chicken marinade for 1 hr..cook with 2 tbs oil in nonstick pan.

set oven on 350 deg for 5 min,spread pizza dough, add pizza sauce, cheese, toppings, again lots of cheese and oregano and bake for 20 mins untill the dough become crusty!! ready to serve =)

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